Hoss Off The Grid® is kind of a big deal.

It's adventure travel on a mission©.

Taking adventure travel viewers into the challenging world of saltwater fly fishing, it colors the destination with local insights and characters, wrapping viewers in a blanket of conservation activism and awe.

Appealing to a larger audience than a typical fishing show, Hoss off the Grid is an edgy destination travelogue showcasing the world's remaining world class fisheries and saltwater ecosystems.

The mission is to entertain, educate and motivate. The purpose is to protect the unspoiled places and the fish that are left.

By taking you off the Grid to see amazing wildlife moments, overcoming challenges and learning about the local state of things, Hoss will motivate you to get motivated.

Applying his knowledge and expertise in sustainability and conservancy towards the worlds’ oceans and fisheries, Jon provides the understanding and ability to communicate the impacts of man’s affects in simple and comprehensive ways.

The narrative is simply fulfilling a sporting challenge against difficulties in a beautiful place.  The purpose is to protect it.